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Dedicated to my Loving Wife
Carol Ann Longmore
With Hosts of Angels on the 11th of September 2010

Carol Ann Longmore, 1984

Carol used to play with her fathers band before I met her. She sang and played guitar and mandolin with them since the age of 14. After we were married, we formed a duo together and she still played guitar and mandolin and I played guitar. We had one of the first auto accompaniment backing machines where I sat and played guitar and pressed pedals, just like an organ to change the chords. Then I progressed to playing keyboards but she had to pack in playing about 2 years before she died.

I first met Carol at a gig I was playing at in April 1984. She came up to me and asked if she could sing a song with me (of course I said yes as I'd never heard her before until that night). She sang "Blanket On The Ground" and that was the start of our relationship which lasted for 26 years. We were married the same year in November. We have 2 lovely boys, David and Steven, and 2 lovely grandchildren Jodi, 5 years old, and Finlay, 1 year. Of course with her life ending so suddenly, she will never see them grow up.

She suffered a lot of pain in the last few years of her life, with having half of her stomach removed due to ulcers and also having 3 hernias due to the heavy lifting she incurred at the work she used to do. Up until her death, she was a carer in an old peoples home which she loved.

Now she is free from pain. Now in the words of the song, May

"God Be With You Till We Meet Again"

Written by Jeremiah Rankin.
As played by: Chet Atkins
Sequence courtesy of Larry Kuhns (1999)

Her everloving husband, George.

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