Dedicated to my Loving Wife
Carol Ann Longmore
With Hosts of Angels on the 11th of September 2010

Carol Ann Longmore, 1984



I see tears fall down your face

When your thoughts have turned to me.

Just know that I’m in heaven,

With my Lord, who’s set me free.


No pain or sadness do I feel,

For God is by my side.

The beauty here in Heaven

Is now where I reside.


I know it’s hard for you to cope

For you can’t feel my touch.

But every moment, I can see

And love you very much.


When you are at your lowest

And feel you can’t go on,

Look towards the heavens

The light will be turned on.


Talk to me, just like you did

  On earth when I was there.

You see, I’m not so far away …

Only as far as a prayer.


And when it’s time for you to join

Me up in Heaven above.

It’s then that you will realize,

The Golden Place of love.


For here there is no sadness,

Just everlasting light.

Someday we will be joined again,

When it’s time to take your flight.

Ruth Ann Mahaffey
©copyright Jan. 2005



Graphics by Ruth Ann Mahaffey . Please do not use without permission. Thank you for your respect. 


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