"You're The Inspiration" by Chicago
Sequence Courtesy of Susan Zeigler

"Inspirations", formerly known as "Angie's Songs" is a work in progress. Angie, who has long been a loyal and faithful friend of Jukebox Saturday Night, began to send me these poems and messages early in 1999. Unfortunately, I have not heard from her in some time. Another good friend, "Q", is also participating in contributing to "Inspirations".

After receiving them, I thought it may be a nice idea to incorporate them as part of this web site. They range from poetry to secular to humorus. Many are thought provoking. Above all, they are here for your enjoyment.

To date, I have collected 16 pages and of course will be offering appropriate MIDI files to each page. I hope you enjoy them, and think about them. Angie, & Janie, aka "Q", along with so many others, have helped to make
Jukebox Saturday Night, a labor of love.

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