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The MIDI Studio Consortium Site has been renewed via
Mrs. Betty Gorven & Midkar

Jack's MIDI Music Page
Jack has an extensive, site.
A very informative and well linked site.

D.W. Barnes Original MIDI Sequences
The "Beatles Specialist". Plus a whole lot more, including,
Billy Joel, Steely Dan, Peanuts, and more !

Garyw0001's perfectly perfect MIDI sound
It's worth it's weight in gold.
If you love Big Band, and more, visit now !

Don at Reverbnation
Don is now on Reverbnation & Facebook
Great variety of Pop, Jazz, Country, and Christmas.

RedSal's MIDI Page
Don't pass this one by.
Also visit Sal on Youtube.

Enchante's Carousel
Specializing in Organ, Band, & Carousel
Children's Music too !!

Wild West MIDI Hotel
Dan's Site with Original MIDI
Founder of the Yahoo MIDKAR Group.

Huge Collection of 007 MIDI files.
For all fans of 007, this is a must stop.
(not updated in some time, but go 7)

GlowCanPick MIDIS
Glow adds her own, country style. Be sure to check it out.
See her Graphics page too.

Michael MacDonald's Banner
Enjoy Mike's unique style and great arrangements.
Also see Mike on PSRTutorials

Roly Wright's Banner
Beautifully sequenced 'hard to find' MIDI including
great original's and Dixieland.

Bruce DeBoer Music of the Heart
Wonderful music in MIDI, & MP3
Music may be used on websites with link back.

WinMusic for Windows
LLERRAH Ecards, Greetings and Music by Marge Harrell
LLERRAH provides great ecards for all occasions

Midkar; a web-site born of Yahoo's MIDKAR Group
More than 3,000 files to date.
Software and Technical downloads too.

Jillianne Jones, "Music My Way". Midi & MP3.
Chapel Lane Entertainment, Adelaide, Australia

Arad #3
A Greaser's Paradise for Oldies

Laura's MidiHeaven
Better Than Ever with unique features.

Music Relief Association
The Music Relief Association (MRA) as a response to the unethical actions brought upon members of the MIDI community. It's mission is the stop the harassment of personal MIDI site owners, and preserve Free MIDI on the Internet. The organization has since expanded to inculde active support of copyright reform initiatives.

Composers Offering MIDI Files on the Net
Links to Sites Maintained by Professional and Amateur Composers

Offline MIDI and MP3 Players

Crescendo c51xie MIDI & MP3 Player

MIDInight Express



Windows Media Player

Excellent Site Design & More than informative and entertaining
Site is CLOSED..See Deb at The MidiStudio Consortium

Norma Williams MIDI Page
Site is CLOSED

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