Roses for Mary

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There are so many songs that remind me of Maryann.
Those below, are representative of the mountains of songs which keep
wonderful thoughts of Maryann within me. I hope you enjoy them too.

A Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow  May you find it.

A Song For You  Thinking of you. Always.

A Wonderful Time Up There (Everybody's Gonna Have)  Special contribution by Ron Tilden. Thanks Ron. (She is)

All The Things You Are  So many......

Almost Paradise  It was Paradise.

And I Love You So  Always did, always will, till I'm with you again.

Arthur's Theme  Her favorite movie.

Ave Maria  Special to me.

Careless Whisper  Our first dance.

Didn't We  We were not far away.

Finding You  Best day of my life.

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face  Knew we'd be together forever.

Here's That Rainy Day  Sadness comes into every life.

Hope  That she gave to others so freely.

I Love You  Nuf' said.

I Remember You  I always will.

I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston)  How can I not.

I'll Be Seeing You  Faith tells me I will.

I'll Get By  Not so easy to do, but for you my love, I will.

It Had To Be You  Hands down!

Lady (Lionel Richie)  Never a better one.

Love Story (Theme From)  Was ours.

Make Someone Happy  Her first priority to everyone.

Memories Of You  More than I can count.

My Funny Valentine  Reminds me so much of her.

My Heart Will Go On  Hope so.

My Prayer  That you are now at peace in Paradise.

My Woman, My Wife  And proud of it.

Over The Rainbow  Where I'll find you.

She Believes In Me  She did. And I don't know why.

Spring (Vivaldi)  Our wedding recessional.

Still (Lionel Richie)  Foever and ever...

Suddenly  One of our first songs.

The Last Time I Felt Like This  Never did until you.

The Wind Beneath My WIngs  Never could have been myself without your love and support.

- - Could not pick a version, so I used both! - -
There Will Never Be Another You  Take that to the bank !

There Will Never Be Another You

Time In A Bottle  Is there a bottle large enough ?

Unchained Melody  Speaks for itself.

We'll Meet Again  And I know it.

You Decorated My Life  Best friend, confidant, and wife. Period!

You Needed Me  Our wedding processional.

You Needed Me (Karaoke)

Very special thanks to:
Dirty Pidgeon,
Jack Hall,
Michael MacDonald,
Ron Tilden,
The late Mel Webb,
The late Phil Smith (Satman Sounds),
Marge Harrell (llerah),
Sal Gripaldi (RedSal),
Josef Huber,
and Michele Tornatore for the "Ave Maria".
for their fabulous MIDI contributions.

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