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Jukebox Saturday Night

Jukebox Saturday Night Auto Jukebox.
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MIDI Thanks to "Mel Webb, Josef Huber, Steve day, Ted Keener, and David W. Barnes

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Salute To The Music Makers
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Jukebox Saturday Night

would like to acknowledge all the very talented and generous people whose music I have used over the last 12 years or more. The sequencers and musicians noted on this page are key to this site and of course, many others. I strongly urge you to visit their sites, and when possible, fill their guestbooks with your encouragement. They have given all of us much musical enjoyment, and the least we can do is say Thank You!
It only takes a minute or two.
A few sites have closed. I checked all the links and
unless they are marked closed, they are valid at the
time of this upload..some email addresses may be defunct.

Featured Artists

Mel Webb   Kmel Music

Jukebox Saturday Night was inspired by the talents of the late Mel Webb.
His site not only features superb MIDI arranging, but stories and features
that will be of interest to all.
Mel was also one of the first contributors to MIDI Studio Consortium.
February 28, 1928 - August 14, 2005
Mel, Thank You !!

Deb Ackley   Deb Ackley's Studio at the MIDI Studio Consortium

David Barnes   David Barnes Original Midi Sequences

Gloria Canfield   GlowCanPickMIDIS

ChartChai MeeSangNin MiDiPlace *currently not functioning

Claude Ciari   Christian & Claude Ciari

Don Carroll   Don's Studio

Steve Day   Steve's Almost MIDI Page MIDI Site Closed

Sal Gripaldi aka: "Redsal"   Red Sal's MIDI Page

Margi Harrell   llerrah, Inc.

Josef Huber   Josef Huber's Homepage

Jess Jocson aka: d'bassman   Jesse "dbassman" Jocson

Ted Keener  Ted Keener's Studio SitePage

Michael MacDonald   Mike's Site

Bob Mace   Bob Mace Homepage

Sumitaka Ogawa   Web Concert Hall

Gary Rogers   Gary's MIDI Paradise

Ron Tilden   Ron's Official MIDI Site

Gary Wachtel   Gary's Official MIDI Homepage

WebMistris   Z Webmistris of the Internet MIDI Site Closed
*Site & Email have been untouched for a long while.

Dan West   Wild West Productions

Roly Wright   Sounds Wright


Dick Anderson   MIDI Sequences by Dick Anderson

Anders H. Bakke   AccordionMan MIDI-PORTAL International

Allan Clapp   Allan's MP3 Homepage

Gene Confrey   The MIDI Studio

Martha Decker   Martha's Place

Chuck Duklis   Chuck Duklis

Les. Gorven   Les. Gorven's Studio

Jonathan L. Hunkins   Xanadu *Site is down.

Herb Harari   Herbert Harari's MIDI Music

Illana May   Illana May's Official Website

Bob "Notes" Norton   Nortons MIDI Index

Chris Rada   Chris at MIDI Studio Consortium

Joe Rock   "Dance Midi House" *Site has moved. Cannot locate.

Peter Roxburgh   Midi Files from the Glenn Miller Tribute Band, Brisbane, Australia *Apparently has closed site.

Harry Todd   MIDI Picking By Harry Todd

EMail Only


Dale Aston

J. Bloise

Bryan C. Hartig

Bill Lane  (Last known address..I believe Bill is retired from MIDI)

Don Normann

Jim Huff

Mick O'Neill

Frank Schober

M.J. Starke

Barry Taylor-Traditional Tunes

Bill Verneaux  (Last known address)

Mike Doyle; Power Windows BBS 205-881-8619

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