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Jukebox Saturday Night
presents the Vocal Stylings Of Kosmas Mamadopoulos

Kosmas Mamadopoulos

New York Times Reviews
A Profile of Kosmas Mamadopoulos
By Bob Cohen

I met Kosmas in the Yahoo! Group Midkar in late 2007. The Greek entertainer played for over 30 years in the New York City area before retiring and splitting his early semi-retirement time between Athens Greece, where he spends eight months a year before escaping to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the other four winter months. In Puerto Vallarta Kosmas plays his piano and guitar, belting out popular tunes in seven different languages to the requests of his customers a few nights a week at local popular supper clubs. Also, and just as important to the tennis enthusiast and high level competitor, he fine tunes his tennis game, playing top players locally and worldwide. He seems to have the ability to let people enjoy each other. It is just that simple, but few are as successful as he. He is an accomplished performer and vocalist. He sings in seven languages.

Kosmas was born on the 4th of July, in Athens, Greece and at the age of 11 ˝ quit school and went to work in a handbag factory, saved $5 and purchased a used guitar. Completely self taught, his inspiration was the music of the Beatles and Kos worked hard playing anywhere he could in the local neighborhoods of Athens. He was drafted by the Royal Air Force and met a well known Greek musician there named Antones Theodoropoulos the sax player of the famous Greek group “Olympians”, who took him under his wing and helped him launch his career in music. Kosmas then performed with the group for two years during his stay in Thessaloniki.

At the age of 21, he left his Mom, Stella, whom he says "gave me enough love for three lifetimes," and got hired on as a singer and guitarist for a lounge band on the Celebrity cruise ship line. He stayed with the cruise lines and traveled the world for three years before giving Miami a shot. In his old Catalina he commuted 60 miles every day to play in night clubs.

Realizing there was not much opportunity for stardom in Miami and the Catalina collecting Florida salt rust; he packed up and headed for the "Big Apple." His first job was not in music, but as a mail boy, so he could audition at different night clubs in the evenings. He was finally hired at a popular Manhattan Italian restaurant and night club named "Giordanos" for two weeks, and ended up staying there for 17 years. He also played for four years in the French "La Verte Galant" owned by Maurice and Marilyn Hommery.

On alternate nights he played at the exclusive Palace Hotel, owned by Leona Helmsley, where, in 1991, rooms started at $400 a night, parking was $60 a night and drinks were $12. He retired at age 54 after playing a 12 year stint in Northern New Jersey at "Iltulipano" restaurant and night club.

In this time, Kos has shared with me many of his recordings, and would like to share them here. It is an honor, to feature this very talented singer on Jukebox Saturday Night. Kosmas has been kind enough to ask that his MP3 files remain free for downloading from this site.

The material contained herein, remains Copyrighted by Kosmas Mamadopoulos, with All Rights Reserved. The MP3 files may NOT be used for commecial purposes without the express written consent of Kosmas.


Title A-F - Volume l File Size Run Time
A Chi 2,967 kb 3:09 mpt
A Day In The Life Of A Fool 3,436 kb 3:39 mpt
A House Is Not A Home
Added October 27, 2013
2,615 kb 2:47 mpt
Added December 30, 2015
3,626 kb 3:52 mpt
Added December 30, 2015
3,395 kb 3:37 mpt
All I Ask Of You 4,694 kb 3:53 mpt
All Of Me 3,589 kb 3:49 mpt
All Of You
Added September 15, 2018
1,705 kb 4:50 mpt
All The Things You Are 3,521 kb 3:13 mpt
All The Way 3,323 kb 3:32 mpt
Added February 6, 2017
3,036 kb 3:14 mpt
Always On My Mind 3,318 kb 3:32 mpt
Amor De Mis Amores Cumbia
Added December 26, 2016
2,620 kb 2:47 mpt
Anonimo Venezianon
Added March 11, 2018
2,577 kb 2:44 mpt
Aqua de Beber 2,578 kb 2:44 mpt
As Time Goes By 3,010 kb 3:12 mpt
At Last 3,096 kb 3:18 mpt
Autumn Leaves 2,571 kb 2:44 mpt
Added December 26, 2016
3,769 kb 4:01 mpt
Back To Black
Added September 14, 2018
1,365 kb 3:52 mpt
Added December 31, 2014
3,403 kb 3:37 mpt
Besame Mucho 3,773 kb 4:01 mpt
Bewitched 4,090 kb 4:21 mpt
Beyond The Sea 3,448 kb 3:40 mpt
Black Magic Woman 2,969 kb 3:09 mpt
Bridge Over Troubled Water 4,498 kb 4:47 mpt
Brown Eyed Girl 4,202 kb 3:18 mpt
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You 5,508 kb 5:52 mpt
Canzone Per Te
Added July 05, 2011
3,680 kb 3:55 mpt
Carota de Ipanita
"The Girl From Ipanema"
4,740 kb 5:03 mpt
Caruso Dallamerica 6,002 kb 4:40 mpt
Che Sara Che Sara 4,249 kb 4:31 mpt
Chica De Homo (Smoke Girl)
Added April 28, 2015
4,050 kb 4:19 mpt
Added July 05, 2011
4,491 kb 4:47 mpt
Come Fly With Me 3,121 kb 3:19 mpt
Conte Partiro 3,912 kb 4:10 mpt
Copa Cabana 3,786 kb 4:02 mpt
Corason Partio (Broken Heart)
Added April 28, 2015
5,372 kb 5:43 mpt
Corcovado 4,276 kb 4:33 mpt
Dancing Queen
Added July 19, 2011
3,259 kb 3:28 mpt
Desafinado 4,004 kb 4:16 mpt
Don't Be Cruel
Added August 15, 2013
3,609 kb 3:50 mpt
E Megales Moy Agapes
Added December 31, 2014
3,291 kb 3:30 mpt
Edd Tide 3,741 kb 3:59 mpt
El Dia Que Puedas
(The Day That You Can)

  Added January 22, 2015
3,637 kb 3:52 mpt
Era D'estate
Added July 5, 2011
2,991 kb 3:11 mpt
Es Demasiado
Added January 9, 2018
3,950 kb 4:12 mpt
Estuve (I Was) (Spanish)
  Added January 22, 2015
3,395 kb 3:37 mpt
Added December 31, 2014
3,358 kb 3:34 mpt
Everybody Loves Somebody 3,489 kb 3:43 mpt
Fantasy 3,795 kb 4:02 mpt
Felicidad 3,707 kb 3:57 mpt
Added Oct. 20, 2011
3,359 kb 3:34 mpt
Fly Me To The Moon 3,095 kb 3:17 mpt
Fly Me To The Moon 2,798 kb 2:59 mpt
Fooled Around And Fell In Love 2,806 kb 2:59 mpt
For Once In My Life 2,780 kb 2:57 mpt

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